Checking In, A Confession, and An Announcement

We’re nearly a month into the No Shopping Summer, y’all! Now that the dust has settled and all my orders have been delivered, I’m really starting to feel like I’m doing this. And let me tell you: it’s not easy.

With that comes a new-ish exception as well as a confession (followed by redemption). LP and I decided that, along with underwear, swimsuits are exempt from the challenge. Both of us have vacations this summer that will involve being in swimsuits, and realized that none of our current swimsuits fit correctly. Since the tailor can’t really fix that problem, we’re each allotted one swimsuit purchase to be able to participate in the fun while on vacation.

But then, I faltered. While buying a swimsuit, I also bought a dress. And when it arrived in the mail, it was so beautiful! But I knew I couldn’t keep it, so I didn’t even try it on. It remains in the box, waiting to be returned (this weekend) so that I can get back on the wagon. You guys, I’m a human. I love a beautiful, brightly-colored shift dress. But I’m not keeping it. And I’ve learned my lesson. No more. I’m so sorry.

In other news! In other news! Team PCA is ecstatic to announce the newest component of our project: the #PetiteCrew Book Club! We’ll take turns picking out a personal style book to read together (and we’ll take recommendations, too!) and set a “read by” date in case any of you want to participate. On that date, we’ll post our reactions and the next book selection. First up: The Lucky Shopping Manual. A sort of book-magazine hybrid (there are LOTS of images, and it’s sort of flip-through-able), it’s a good way to ease into this habit.

So, check back in on July 21 for our first #PetiteCrew book review! We’ll discuss what we liked, didn’t like, learned, and all our other reactions. In the meantime, keep closing the window and unsubscribing. You got this.

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