No Emails, No Sales: Starting “No Shopping Summer”

Welcome to the No Shopping Summer! Initially when Nora and I talked about it, it seemed like a good idea. Then I got an email from HauteLook – Kate Spade on sale. The idea of not shopping when I wanted made me have feelings.

You know that moment…

Nora was my Zack Morris to shake me and make me close the window. I knew to get through the next 93 days (talk about a challenge!), I knew I had to get serious about my challenge.  I needed a game plan. So I looked to the source of  where I get most of my clothes – online shopping.

Every morning I open my Gmail, there are at least 24 new emails under the Promotions tab.  I’m like a moth to the flame with that tab because I know I will be greeted with 30% off this, 40% off that, a flash sale here, a Haute Look there, and of course a Rue La La.  So today to show my commitment to this challenge and y’all, I hit unsubscribe. Thank goodness Gmail makes it easy. One click. No questions. No having that moment of second guessing or thinking, well what if I miss something. Just a few swift clicks and my email will be a little cleaner. Also in efforts to not be tempted, I turned off all notifications on my phone for Rue La La and HauteLook.

There is one exception for the No Shopping Summer though – my birthday.  I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks and am expecting a special dress in my Stitch Fix. If it works and is everything I hoped and dreamed I would look like whilst turning 30, I will purchase it. If not, then still no shopping.

Are you coming along on the ride? If so, let us know! Share your moments when you need cheerleaders to tell you to close the window and put down the cardigan. We’re all not shopping together.

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