Meet Team Petite Curves Ahead!

Lauren and Nora, childhood friends once known as the “short loud girls,” have a love for fashion and a frustration for the fact that “petite” tends to get conflated with “stick figure.” Growing tired of simply complaining about it, we created Petite Curves Ahead in 2013 to share our lessons learned about dressing a short yet curvaceous body.

Lauren is a marketing manager during 9 to 6, a cycle instructor in the early morning, and musical nerd all the time. A Southern expat in the Rose City, she fills her time with friends, her work, and her cat. She’s a sucker for statement necklaces, structured dress lines, hoop earrings, and cateye liner. Her favorite thing is a pop of color, be it in an outfit, decor, or food.

Nora is a fundraiser by day, business student by evening/weekend, and trivia aficionado based in Washington, DC. She will only dance if she can sing along while she does it. Nora describes her style as “classic with a bit of edge” and loves bold colors, delicate gold jewelry, and lots of mascara. She relaxes with at-home facials (be sure to ask her recommendations for a variety of masks) and scouring the internet for deals.

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