Book Club Extended!

overscheduleI know you all have been thinking – where in the world are my favorite petite ladies!? I’m right there with you, I don’t know where I’ve been this month either. All I know is there has been more studying, less sleeping, and virtually no #outfitselfies. So as we see this world-wind of a month come up to it’s last full week, our date to review our book club selection is like 4 days away! EEK!

With me studying for a final (say huh?) and Nora dealing with one of things that sucks about being an adult (car insurance, am I right?), we’re going to have to push this review back a skosh.

Don’t worry, we’re really just giving you a couple more days to read. You’re welcome. SO – join us here on July 28th for a fun review of The Lucky Shopping Manual. Until then the #NoShoppingSummer continues – stay strong, #PetiteCrew!

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