Brand Review: Melinda Maria

Not long ago I wore minimal jewelry. A watch, tiny stud earrings, and a so-delicate-it’s-almost-invisible necklace – beyond that, I thought, I’d be over-doing it. Well, guys, I’ll be the first to admit it: I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Continue reading Brand Review: Melinda Maria

Sweater Review – Cozy wins again!

As I held them up, I knew we had winners. Sleeves were right, looked like they had some shape and the length hit my hips just right, which is frequently an issue with petite sweaters. I was just about to call it a success and then I put one on. Two of the four sweaters were the last thing I wanted in a sweater. Boxy, short, and itchy. It was a shame. Continue reading Sweater Review – Cozy wins again!