Surprise Bargains, and More!

Happy Friday, Petite Crew! I spent the last month reckoning with the new reality in which we all live (and, let’s be honest, the existing reality for a lot of folks who aren’t as fortunate as I have been) and figuring out my new rules for stability. It means I’ve been working out more, I’ve been trying my hand at meditation, and I’ve been eating … Continue reading Surprise Bargains, and More!

Nora’s 2017 PCA Resolutions

Y’all! I haven’t been around these parts since September. Remember those days? The heaviest thing on my mind was my final semester and cool girl makeup. Of course, the election changed everything and now there’s a sense of fear and doom but also of renewed focus and commitment to Making The Change Yourself. To quote an almost-EGOT’s lyrics, There is no more status quo But … Continue reading Nora’s 2017 PCA Resolutions