sparkling trails of light drawing out the numbers 2017 in glowing light to welcome in the new year

Nora’s 2017 PCA Resolutions

Y’all! I haven’t been around these parts since September. Remember those days? The heaviest thing on my mind was my final semester and cool girl makeup. Of course, the election changed everything and now there’s a sense of fear and doom but also of renewed focus and commitment to Making The Change Yourself. To quote an almost-EGOT’s lyrics, There is no more status quo But … Continue reading Nora’s 2017 PCA Resolutions


Styling Nora: Air Max 1s

During the Nordstrom Annual Sale Nora purchased, these stylish Air Max 1s As frequently the case when we make OOOZ (Out of our zone) purchases, we consult to make sure we’re buying something that can be worn several times in several ways to justify the want. More options lowers the cost per wear and that’s always the signal of a good piece. So far we know … Continue reading Styling Nora: Air Max 1s