Review: Warby Parker

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was eight years old; my driver’s license has a note that I’m not allowed to drive without corrective lenses. While most of my friends asked for gift cards or clothes for their 15th birthdays, I asked for contact lenses. I’ve always been bothered by the idea of glasses, because they’re too expensive to wear like a normal accessory – you’re stuck with the one pair for a number of years at a time. That is, until I discovered Warby Parker.

Warby Parker has really benefited from our mutual presences on Facebook. That’s where I first came across their ads, and was drawn to the quirky-but-classic shapes of the frames they were hawking. Having paid $300+ per pair for my entire life, imagine my surprise when I realized they were only asking $95, total: frames, lenses, lens treatments, the whole shebang. Still, ordering glasses sight-unseen from the internet? Dangerous stuff.

But you don’t have to! You can order – for free – five “trial” pair of frames (read: non-prescription, have been worn by other people for the same purpose) before purchase. You have five days to test them out before sending them back. THEN you choose, and you aren’t even required to follow through on that part. Don’t like any of the five frames? Try five more! Or don’t! It’s your call.

Since discovering Warby Parker, I’ve ordered a number of frames. I can now trade off my glasses as frequently as I do my necklaces – a joy! Here are some of the successes I’ve had:


Clockwise from top left: Fillmore, Preston, Ripley, Duckworth

Having four pair of glasses – the sum of which cost only marginally more than a single pair elsewhere – has allowed me flexibility to tailor my glasses to my outfit. I love the delicate cat-eye shape of the Ripley, and will¬†often use it to balance out a menswear look; in contrast, the masculine Fillmore (which is what I imagine all southern authors wear while writing and drinking whiskey) does wonders with a silky dress. The bold Duckworth can liven up a neutral outfit, and the classic Preston (which I actually¬†bought in “pearled tortoise,” a limited-edition color no longer available through their website) transcends style.

Glasses-wearing ladies (and gents!) – I recommend giving them a try! You’d be surprised what a difference the variety can do for you.

(Note: this review was neither requested nor paid for by Warby Parker. I just liked the glasses that much!)

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