5 Tips for Springing Up Your Closet

After two solid weeks of spring and summer-like, including a tornado watch at 5AM, weather,  I finally switched over my closet from winter into spring mode.

Doing the wardrobe switch takes a little time, because you’re gonna have to do a few fashion shows to make sure you’re keeping things that fit, both your body and your current style.

Tip #1: Be Ruthless!
Clothes don’t have feelings, it’s okay to let them go, even if someone gave it to you. when taking out the winter stuff, think hard and long about what you actually wore over the 10 months (come on! It felt like the longest winter ever) we were in the cold season. If it was still in the same position it was when I did the switch over from summer to fall/winter, it went. If it didn’t fit, it went.  If it had seen better days, it went. Same thing went for the summer clothes.                                    

Tip #2: Stay organized. clueless closetI’ve told you all before about using organization tools and tricks to keep your closet organized. The same goes for when you are switching clothes out. I use the pile system when getting rid of clothes – Trash, Donate/Consign, Keep, Tailors. It works for me to have a plan of action or I will try to keep all the things (see tip #1).  But that might not be your bag, so find something that works for you and stick with it. The goal is to have clothes that you love and will wear in your closet, not just clothes for the sake of clothes.



Tip #3: The Less the Better.
I mean this figuratively and literally. It’s great to have key pieces in your wardrobe and pieces you know you will wear, so keep that as your focus when you’re doing the switch. Also the less clothing on your person the better. It makes it easier to try things on and see if each piece has value in the closet (see tip #1).

Tip #4: Stay Rainbow connected.
Keeping with tip #2, as you’re putting your clothes away keep like with like. I do this by color-coding. This shows you what you have. One year I was doing the switch and had 10 teal shirts. Seriously, Lauren? 10 teal shirts?! That’s too much but because I didn’t have an idea of what I owned, when I would go shopping I would just get thins I liked, not things that I needed.

Tip #5: Take Inventory.
Now that everything is all hung up or at least in a pile in front of the closet (no judgment here), take inventory of what you actually need to get you through the next few months. After everything was said and done, I am now on the hunt for two pencil skirts (navy and camel), and a lightweight blazer (black). I also have made the rule of if something new comes in, I have to find something to take out. This will keep my closet from growing and getting too cluttered. This includes anything from Stitch Fix (next fix is coming in May!)

So there it is – how I switch my closet. Any organizational tips you want to share? Any closets that have been decluttered? Are you on the hunt for anything to fill out your closet? Share in the comments!

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