Guess Who’s Back?

Before I dive into some #TeamPCA business, I do feel like I owe you an apology, #PetiteCrew, for my severe dearth of posts over the past month. (Seriously! It has been nearly a MONTH.) But I’m back now!

Since my last post, I:

  • sold a condo
  • bought a house (with my gentleman friend)
  • had a crazy rehearsal schedule, due to this winter’s crazy snow schedule
  • started new medicine, which somewhat messed with my equilibrium

In that time, multiple people made very kinds comments to me about the blog, which highlighted two things for me: (1) you guys like the blog, which makes me SO happy! and (2) you guys definitely deserve regular posts. Let this be the renewal of my vows, Spring Edition. And on that subject, IT IS FINALLY SPRING. After the Longest Winter Ever, it’s Spring! Time for a change in my skincare practice (Know Your Face: Warm Weather post, TBD) and a pedicure. Here are some of the things I’ve been loving since the weather turned warmer:

Colored Denim

I’ll give a more comprehensive update on my personal Stitch Fix experience, but I am following my colleague’s lead and have thus far gotten two Fixes: one a tragic mishap, and the other a slam dunk. Stitch Fix has given me much, but perhaps the biggest win is also the biggest surprise: my new favorite short-with-booty jeans, in beautiful bold hues!


Ankle Biter | Kensie

These fit as though they were built for me. I couldn’t find a picture of the pastel teal I got from StitchFix, but I’ve already gone over to my friends at and bought another pair of these gorgeous, brightly colored jeans in a merlot color and think the above periwinkle is also fabulous.


Y’all, I am on a metallic rampage. It’s showing up with alarming frequency in the aforementioned new house, but I’ve been adding some shine to my wardrobe as well. Now that the weather’s finally warmer, I can wear these gorgeous ankle-strap sandals I found on mega-sale at DSW:

img-thingTrivol | Steve Madden

These multi-purpose sandals can go to the office and to the beach; I’ll be wearing them with shorts and a striped shirt for casual drinks, and with a navy blue wrap dress and this fabulous oversized clutch for more formal events. Everywhere.

No-Fuss Makeup

During Sephora’s VIB sale, I used my 15% off to buy a rose gold Caviar Stick from the Laura Mercier counter, and I couldn’t be happier. This shimmery neutral is a perfect subtle color for everyday wear, and takes the least amount of effort I could imagine to apply. Where I previously had to choose between eyeshadow or a few extra minutes of shuteye, I can now easily count on sparkly eyes every day (both from the shadow and from the extra sleep).

Fresh Flowers

Not a style thing, but definitely a LIFEstyle thing. After acquiring some fresh cut tulips from a friend last week, I decided to supplement their presence with a mixed bouquet that I divided between two vases in the kitchen and the entryway, and a potted orchid on the coffee table. It’s as though my home decor got their own Caviar Stick:

10247236_691689367187_5230266659721699542_nThe extra bit of life and color in my house has been a perfect touch. I think I’ll continue this habit.

What are you most enjoying about spring, #PetiteCrew?


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