Reader Request: Curvy Girl Blazers

Hey, #petitecrew, did you know you can request topics for the blog? One reader did, asking that we help her find a petite-friendly blazer – specifically one that isn’t too long or too boxy. Happy to indulge! Here are Nora’s picks for the best blazers to suit your shorter-than-average-but-with-boobs figure, broken down by where to find them.


I adore Loft for a reliable petite work look. They’re my favorite place to find great, quirky tops, and the jackets have an impeccable fit! Here are some favorites I’ve been eyeing:

loft blazers

L to R: Petite Open Tuxedo Jacket | Petite Tweed Jacket

These are two great pieces that are 100% work-appropriate while simultaneously having a bit of edge. Each has a modern shape and a classic color. I adore a tuxedo jacket, and in the demure navy color it’s totally worthy of the workplace. I’d wear it with light gray wool trousers and a knit top in a bold color – maybe magenta? The jacket also comes in an out-there teal color, if the navy feels a bit too conservative.

Tweed is a totally, totally classic fabric – think Jackie Kennedy Onassis, et al. The collarless neckline and single-button shape make this classic fabric more contemporary. Since this jacket doesn’t come with a matching skirt, I’d avoid textured wool on the bottom – however, a navy blue cotton pencil skirt would be divine paired with this jacket. The collarless jacket allows for a collared shirt, and I’d go for a structured cotton button-up and nude-to-you pumps or wedges.

Banana Republic

BR blazers

L to R: Petite Polka Dot Blazer | Petite Textured Tweed Blazer

In my opinion, as a petite/curvy gal, you can’t beat Banana Republic’s petites section for a perfect, traditional fit. BR = my job interview clothes. They’ve got plenty of standard colors for their classic two-button blazer, but given the conservative shape, I’d recommend having some fun with color and pattern! These two blazers are identical in shape, but the polka dots on the first and the bright turquoise on the second give each a unique personality. Since each is a statement unto itself, I’d choose neutral colors and conservative shapes – think grays, whites, tans. Either of these would give a lot of character to an otherwise-boring shift dress.


boden blazers

L to R: British Tweed Blazer | Cheyne Jacket

Man, I adore Boden. Their quirky British sensibilities perfectly match my traditional-with-a-whimsical-twist style. And their spring collection is flush with gorgeous, fun jackets.

I own this British tweed blazer from the 2013 fall collection in a dark windowpane plaid, and I ADORE IT. Here it is, in use on a casual Saturday afternoon of brunch and movies:

photo (32)

Given that my size varies from a 6 to an 8 up top, I ordered on the smaller side to give the jacket a more casual, shrunken look – perfect for an afternoon about town. If I’d ordered up, it would be the perfect fit for office work. The shape of this jacket is magnificent: classic two-button, but with a curved seam along the waist. It’s a perfect fit for my body.

The Cheyne jacket, unfortunately, doesn’t come in petite, but I have found that Boden clothes are a bit narrower in the shoulders, so worst case scenario is that you’d have to have the wrists taken up – maybe. I love the clean lines and interesting pattern of this jacket. It’d be perfect for a casual Friday, with trouser-cut jeans and loafers.

Those are my blazer recommendations, folks! What brands do you keep coming back to when you need a good professional look?

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