#OutfitSelfie 3.24.14: Playing With Layers

photo (33)

Shirt: LOFT | Sweater: J. Crew | Pants: Theory | Shoes: Madewell [similar] | Ring: Elizabeth and James | Earrings: Kendra Scott

As my colleague experiments with mixing patterns, one of my personal goals is to get layering down. It’s a bit of an extra challenge, as a curvy lady, to layer. One piece too many and you’ve gone from fresh to bulky.

This is my baby step into advanced layering: a long-sleeved shirt beneath a three-quarter-sleeved sweater. It might not seem like much of an effort, but it was harder to accomplish than I’d have expected. Collared shirt/sweater is a time-tested combination, but generally the sleeves match up. This took some strategy.

First, you have to get the blouse right: the length has to work to peek out in all the right places. It also has to fit loose enough that you don’t look like you’re straining the seams, but also fitted enough that it isn’t veering into puffy shirt territory – a greater concern than usual when you’re wearing it beneath something else. I like a silkier texture to the shirt, which gives it a bit of lightness in an otherwise-heavy setting.

As for the sweater, it has to be fitted enough that it forces some shape to the whole look (see the above word “bulky”) but not so snug that it shows every button of the shirt below it. Furthermore, the neckline has to function well with a collar beneath it, and the cuffs have to have a bit of extra flexibility so as not to cut off weirdly where the shirt appears.

Altogether, I’m very pleased with this look! In addition to the success of the layers, there are some great details throughout the outfit: the gold filigree on the earrings, the bold topaz in the ring, and the lace in the shirt’s collar all offset the otherwise-masculine look.

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