Brand Review: Melinda Maria

Not long ago I wore minimal jewelry. A watch, tiny stud earrings, and a so-delicate-it’s-almost-invisible necklace – beyond that, I thought, I’d be over-doing it.

Well, guys, I’ll be the first to admit it: I was wrong. Very, very wrong. And the reason I’ve realized that is simple: Melinda Maria jewelry.


My first Melinda Maria purchase: the 3rd Street stacking ring set. Sadly, they don’t sell stacking sets anymore, but they sell plenty of stackables. Here’s a link to that gorgeous pear-shaped labradorite.

Melinda Maria’s aesthetic is fabulous and a bit over-the-top but somehow still could be considered “classic.” As someone who often foregoes “fabulous and over-the-top” because I fear a look that isn’t classic, this is a godsend. And what’s even better is the fact that the prices are quite reasonable! Sure, you’ll find plenty of $400 bracelets, but you’ll also find a high quotient of quality pieces in the $30-80 range – totally manageable. It’s all gorgeous stuff but her strength is really in the awesome rings she makes.


My very-beloved Hammered Band Ring – a steal at $35!

Man, if I could buy everything she makes, I’m pretty sure I’d already have done it. Alas, my bank account doesn’t think that’s the greatest idea. But over time I’ll be keeping an eye on the following pieces I’ve been eyeing (some of which are a bit more affordable than others):

melinda maria
Clockwise from top left: Mila bangle, Shelby studs, Fenton cuff, Skylar earrings, Wilder ring

Y’all, are these not gorgeous? The use of bold shapes and colors could come off as a bit Too Much (which is probably my biggest fashion fear) but these pieces manage to come off just as sweet as I’d want.

4 thoughts on “Brand Review: Melinda Maria

  1. I’m totes a jewelry minimalist. Silver studs and a plain silver ring. One of my goals for the next year is to try and introduce some flair into my jewelry box. Thanks for the rec on a good starting point!

  2. Glad it was a useful post for you! I’ll also recommend Kendra Scott and Kate Spade for understated but fabulous pieces.

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