#OutfitSelfie 12.16.13: Lauren’s Key to Feeling Festive

photo (8)

Sweater: LOFT [old] | Pants: Old Navy

We are officially in holiday crunch time. Christmas is 9 days away and I’m starting to feel festive. ┬áThis normally comes out in my attire instead of my home decor. So today is brought to you by red-nose reindeer bright pants. I love the color and the best part is that they fit me like a glove thanks to my awesome tailor. A way to make bright pants appropriate for a business casual environment is to pair it with neutrals, so that the pants can stand alone.

Another thing that adds a level of visual interest thats in the sweater. I never think about it but the hem of the sweater is cool detail that separates it from my other gray cozy sweaters.

How do you like to wear your pop of color? Let us know below!

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