#OutfitSelfie 1.8.14: Polar Vortex Edition

photo (17)

Sweater: L.L.Bean [similar] | Skirt: J. Crew | Tights: DKNY | Boots: Duo | Watch: Jacques Lemans | Earrings: Melinda Maria [similar] | Ring: Melinda Maria

Did I mention it’s very, very cold outside? Because, wow. It’s really cold. I have a meeting this evening, so unfortunately I couldn’t reprise my all-tan warmest outfit ever today; I had to wear something presentable. This outfit lives at the intersection of cozy and office-appropriate. The key? Thick fabrics. The fisherman sweater (a must-have if you live in cold climates; this sweater is cotton but is as warm as many of my cashmere and wool options) could easily be too casual, and indeed looks great with jeans and ankle boots, but paired with the double-serge wool skirt and tough leather boots, it looks polished.

Because of the weight of the fabrics, I didn’t want to layer jewelry atop the outfit. These Melinda Maria earrings have just a bit of edge to them, with gold chains dangling from labradorite drops, and the thick cigar-band ring (also from MM) is substantial but simple. (Did I mention I love Melinda Maria’s stuff? Because I do.) Finish the whole thing off with a simple 1950s-inspired watch, and you’ve got a stew going.

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