Anniversary Sale VIPicks

It’s that most holy time of year, Team PCA – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s that glorious few summer weeks when Nordstrom puts their new fall items (not clearance! new stuff!) on sale to drive interest going into the school year. Last year’s sale came in the midst of the No-Shopping Summer and it seemed like everything they were selling was everything we’d been trying to find for ages. To be honest, when I looked through this year’s sale, my initial reaction was…meh. Nothing too exciting. But with a bit more digging and some trial-and-error I’ve found some serious winners within.

Absolute Winners:

zip back cashmere sweater

Zip Back Cashmere Sweater | Halogen

If for no other reason, you should always check out the Anniversary Sale for their cashmere. This sweater, on sale for approximately $85, jumps to nearly $130 after the sale ends. The shape is insanely flattering for us petite curvy ladies, with an ever so slight high-lo silhouette. Fits true to size, in my experience – I consider myself a petite M up top, and I got this in a petite M.

zip back trapeze sweater

Zip Back Trapeze Sweater | Halogen

Lots of zip back sweaters this time around, but I’m not complaining. This one has a looser, swingy shape to it – great for wearing with slim ankle pants. It’s also a very lightweight poly-viscose blend, which is perfect for chilly-but-not-cold weather. It’s a bit short – I got it in a regular M. Thanks to the three-quarter sleeves, you’d never know.

c magnifique

C Magnifique Underwire Bra | Chantelle Intimates

Fact: good bras are not cheap. Chantelle is my brand of choice, but when not on sale their garments clock in around $80 a pop. Generally the only time they go on sale it’s with crazy colors. Right now you can get great Chantelle bras in regular taupe and brown (i.e. flesh tones) for around $40-50. WORTH IT.

lea pendant

Lea Pendant | Melinda Maria

I love a long necklace. And I’d been looking for a good pendant with some edge. I knew I didn’t want the ubiquitous Stella & Dot options (gorgeous though they are, it seems like every single style blogger owns either the Sahara or the Rebel) though I wanted something with the same DNA. This beautiful pendant is even more lovely in person – it’s a weighty metal and the length is fabulous. This is the definite MVP of the sale, for me.

Gorgeous, But Not For Me:

I figured this was my opportunity to try out the very-beloved seamed pencil skirt from Halogen, and was disappointed at the result. I suspect I just got my sizing wrong, but it accentuated all the wrong curves for me. Similarly, these lovely Louise et Cie ankle-strap flats had a ton of promise, but were a little too long and a little too narrow for my feet.

Admired, But Didn’t Try:

This may come as a shock, given my proclivity toward all things skincare-related, but I didn’t buy a single beauty or skincare product this sale. There are some lovely options out there – to be honest, I’m still weighing how much I do or do not need this Chanel palette – but I’ve really reached a wonderful equilibrium with my routine. That said, you better believe I scoured what was available, and here are my recommendations, if you’re in the market.

twice the moisture

Twice the Moisture Gel Duo | Clinique

As non-sunscreen moisturizers go, this one is one of the best. The gel formulation really allows the moisturizer to sink into your skin, instead of sitting on top of it. At $38 for this set, you get a monster bottle of the stuff, plus a smaller travel-sized version to take with you on airplanes.

look in a box

Look in a Box Basic Brush Kit | MAC

Need makeup brushes? MAC’s are widely recognized as some of the best in the business. Getting six essential brushes of this quality plus a travel case for just over $50 is a steal – most of these brushes run $20-30 when you purchase separately.


Mia 2 – Mod Floral | Clarisonic

If you haven’t yet joined Team Clarisonic, now’s your opportunity! This beautiful floral Mia will add a bit of extra joy to your routine.

What choice finds did you get from the Anniversary Sale? Share in the comments!

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