State o’ the Blog: We’re Back! (Plus, Cyber Monday Picks)

There comes a time when a person must choose. When WordPress asked if I wanted to renew the domain for “,” it forced a discussion with my colleague. As a result?

We’re back, bitches! Over Thanksgiving, Lauren and I had a bit of a discussion (across a crowded table, covered in adult beverages) about how how our pet project had fallen to the wayside. Yes, we’ve got excuses: school, homebuying, planning a wedding, hard-selling her to move closer to where I live. Still, we love this community we’ve created and don’t want to abandon it. Plus, I’ve FINALLY put a full-length mirror up in my house – #outfitselfies, rejoice!

I know, I know. We’ve told you before that we weren’t going to fall off the face of the earth again, and then we went and did it. A few times. And, as the great philosopher, George W. Bush, once said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, won’t get fooled again.” Still, I’m hoping in the spirit of the holiday season you’ll give us one more chance. Pretty please?

To bribe you, here are Nora’s Cyber Monday Picks*:


Tamsin pump, Loeffler Randall

You guys, how amaze are these beautiful pumps? Loeffler’s “Tamsin” style is widely beloved among fashion bloggers, and with good reason. The way the front piece and the back piece are connected looks promising for those of us with awkwardly wide-but-not-wide-width feet, and the printed haircalf pattern is unusual but still demure enough for office wear. It’s marked down to $245, and with an additional 20% off (code: CYBERMON) for $196. Pricey? Yes, but you’ll wear these babies through.


Slouchy Raglan Sweater, Kate Spade

Seriously? The bow. The slightly-oversized fit. The fact that it is now allowed in my closet, where it previously was not. On sale for $180, use code CYBER30 to bring it down to $126.


Poppy Field Dress, Anthropologie

Now is the time to get your fill of Anthropologie’s offerings – in addition to an extra 20% off sale items (code: EXTRAJOLLY) they’re also offering free shipping, which is a serious rarity there. I love this floaty patterned dress – it would work with jacket, tights, and boots in the current cold weather, and with sandals and a ponytail in the springtime. I am also a fan of this understated work dress.

What are you getting this Cyber Monday?

*As a reminder, the comprehensive lists of links are easily found web-wide. I like Corporette’s, for its volume and commentary.

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