Transitions: I <3 Autumn

Y’all. Four days in a row that I wish I’d had a jacket. I think we’re creeping into autumn!

Autumn is my very favorite season. Summer’s too sweaty; winter’s too bundled; spring is too much like winter, at least in 2014. But autumn? That’s when the leaves change colors, the lattes get pumpkin-spice-flavored, and all the best materials come out to play. Cashmere and leather, rejoice! Let the flimsy fabrics of summer be packed away for another eight months; it’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers.

Of course, autumn doesn’t happen all at once – right now, while the mornings feel like October, the afternoons are still fully July. There’s no justifying a big cozy sweater just yet. Here are some of my superstar pieces that help me navigate this seasonal adolescence:

merona top

Swingy 3/4 Sleeve Tee | Merona

This top is a workhorse, and at $14.99 I have more than one! (It also comes in stripe.) It’s a perfect top to wear with leggings (the shirttail hem covers your tush) and it’s a natural fit with jeans; it also works perfectly with a pair of ankle pants for the office. Speaking of…

minnie pant

Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill | J. Crew

I have these pants in four different colors. Given that they flatter basically every body type, I’ve decided they’re the grown-up equivalent of Traveling Pants; only difference is, I’m not sharing mine with anyone. (Get your own!) These are a perfect summer-to-fall pant because the cropped length is only wearable for another six weeks, max, while the stretch twill is a dressy fabric without being stiff. They also come in a not-cropped version that is a wool blend; when the chill picks up I might give those a shot.

madewell skimmer

French Knot Skimmer | Madewell

Alas, these beautiful shoes are sold out on, but I’m certain they can be found on eBay with a little persistence. I have to force myself to rotate these out of daily wear; they’re the most comfortable shoe, and they’re beautiful in a very classic, ladylike¬†way. Really, though, any pointy-toe skimmer in a lush leather will work.

caslon jacket

Drape Neck Zip Cardigan | Caslon

This cardigan has everything you need on a chilly-but-not-cold autumn morning. Soft knit? Check. Graceful draped fit? Check. Edgy zipper detail? Check. The moto style is super of the moment, which will add just the right amount of trend to an otherwise simple outfit.

What pieces are you pulling out to get you through to October?

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