#OutfitSelfie 2.12.14: Lucky Sweater

Well, it’s Wednesday, and have you heard? There’s a storm coming through. It’s certainly cold enough for me to believe it will actually happen. On top of the cold, it’s trivia night, and without realizing it, I got into the habit of wearing the same sweater every week (it had to do with the continued bitter cold). Now that we’re holding onto a four-peat, I’m committed to it – it’s my Playoff Beard.

Here’s what I put together:

photo (26)

Sweater: Lochleven [similar] | Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: J. Crew | Boots: Fitzwell | Necklace: LOFT [similar]

This sweater is amazing, guys – it’s slouchy, but it has shape, and it’s crafted of the perfect wool-cashmere blend. It’s by far the coziest thing I own, which is how I ended up wearing it multiple Wednesdays in a row. I layered it over a light chambray shirt and a burgundy wool pencil skirt, with thick knit tights and my trusty Fitzwell boots. To finish the look, I’ve got a mixed-stone statement necklace beneath the button-up. It’s earthy, which goes with the browns, but bold, which goes with the burgundy. Ta-da! Lucky sweater style.

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