Girl, Do That Don’t: Peplum Tops

When you are petite and curvy, there are fashion rules we have to follow to insure we look our absolute best. The wrong waistline, hemline or shape can make TeamPCA look like a child or an old lady. Sometimes though, there are rules out there that are meant to be broken. Welcome  to “Girl, Do That Don’t”! Nora and I will explore “don’ts” that actual work for the 5’4 and under set. Feel free to let us know if there are don’ts you would like for us to explore in the comments or on Facebook.

Today’s don’t to do is peplum tops.  I’ve been wanting to try these for a while and after getting a gift from my sister, I finally took the leap.


Shirt: The Limited [similar] | Denim: Old Navy 

I like it! It lays nicely on the curves, while not hitting on my hips in a strange way, which was something that originally steered me away from peplums.

Things to keep in mind when trying the peplum look:

1. Length.
It’s going to feel shorter than your normal shirts but fear not. Make sure you get a top that hits either at the curve of your hips or above to keep the line of your bottom half consistent. This will make you look longer, which is always a plus!

2. Lady-like Edginess.
Peplums can look very retro and uber ladylike if you aren’t careful. Pair it with an accessory that has a little edge to it. In this case I paired it with grey denim and my leather jacket (not shown) to make it a little more casual.  If you are wearing the peplum for work, try and pair it with classic accessories to make it office appropriate without being stuffy.

3. Find the Balance.
With a bit of flair at the hips, you will want to pair this top with a sleek bottom.  Try a pencil skirt, straight or skinny denim, or a sheath dress with a built in peplum to counteract the pouf and flounce factor of the top.

4. Watch the Line.
I’m talking about the waist line. Just like empire waistlines, you want to be careful when picking a peplum top. It’s best to get a top with the waistline is above your belly button but not at your natural waist.  If it’s at your natural waist, it’s too high and can end of accentuating any curves you’re not fond of and can look short (see tip 1.)

Now that I know this works for me, I’m excited to add a few more peplums to my rotation!

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