Pack Yo’ Bags

Happy almost-best-holiday-of-the-year, guys! I LOVE Thanksgiving. There are a ton of delicious things to eat and very few expectations aside from the three F’s: Food, Family, and Football. (That semi-reference was unintentional, but I’m so delighted by it that I’m keeping it in.) Tomorrow I’m jumping in the car with my gentleman friend to drive to his parents’ house for the feast and long weekend.

Packing for an extended weekend is a bit more of a challenge than you’d expect. You want to bring enough options that you don’t get sick of the ones you have, but you also don’t want to be That Girl who shows up for a three-night visit with a rolling suitcase. Here’s what I’m packing in my beloved Everlane weekender:

1. Something to wear to work tomorrow, since that’s where I’ll depart from. Work-to-car clothes are tricky, particularly mid-week. This dress is a comfy ponte knit (I adore it so much I have it in solid navy as well as navy and cream stripes) that has strategic seaming to make it look as polished as it is comfortable.

photo 3

2. Two blouses. One to wear for Thanksgiving dinner and one to wear when we see my beautiful co-blogger, who lives in the area.

photo 2

3. An assortment of cardigans and knit tops for daytime, plus a bunch of camis for underneath the aforementioned blouses. They’re quite sheer.

photo 1

4. Two pair of jeans: one classic blue and one in a rich burgundy.

photo 5

5. One pair of neutral oxford flats, one pair of animal print skimmer flats, and one pair of knee-high boots. The latter will be worn to the office and in the car. The weather outside is frightful, y’all.

photo 4

6. A delicate gold necklace and a selection of bold gold rings. I do love my rings.


Not pictured: my extensive and obsessive skincare collection. More to come on that later.

I spent my first two years after college traveling quite a bit for work, and I picked up some important packing tips. Not to brag, but I can get a suitcase from empty to fully packed in under five minutes – provided I’m supposed to fill it with college recruitment and admissions materials. One important thing I’ve kept with me, though, is the importance of narrowing your options with regards to base color. That’s why my shoes and belt are all brown neutrals and my jewelry is yellow gold. I may be bringing as many pair of shoes as there are nights I’ll be spending there, but I guarantee if I expanded into other neutrals, I’d be bringing three times as many.

What are your travel essentials?

2 thoughts on “Pack Yo’ Bags

  1. One thing I have learned from packing for months at a time is using clothing organizers – you can get way more things packed in a suitcase than you could ever imagine. I love the ones from Eagle Creek. However, I’m woefully bad at short trip packing! I love having options and I can’t ever seem to narrow it down, so I really love the idea of using a base color to work off of.

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