Letting the #LadyBoss Shine Through

Just like power posing, power dressing highlights the best you and helps highlight that #LadyBoss persona from the outside. Put your stylish stamp on how you radiate confidence and change the way how you think about yourself, and how others think about you. Ultimately you’ll impact your chances to be successful. Continue reading Letting the #LadyBoss Shine Through

Your Spring Color Guide

Every year, just as the days start getting longer and the sun shines a little brighter,  a good friend’s mother send her and all of her friends, the spring color report. Since she is a super stylish woman draped in St. John’s and a Miranda Priestly haircut, I govern myself accordingly when the report hits my inbox. Per Sandra, this spring will include: Spring Colors—— yellow, khaki, light blue, … Continue reading Your Spring Color Guide