Surprise Bargains, and More!

Happy Friday, Petite Crew! I spent the last month reckoning with the new reality in which we all live (and, let’s be honest, the existing reality for a lot of folks who aren’t as fortunate as I have been) and figuring out my new rules for stability. It means I’ve been working out more, I’ve been trying my hand at meditation, and I’ve been eating much better than I did in the final few months of 2016. It also means I’ve been neglecting the blog, despite resolving to do more writing. I haven’t forgotten that promise, and I’m finally feeling up to doing it more.

I’ve also been trying to spend less money and make the most out of the things I’ve already got, which means going back to my trusty old NARS tinted moisturizer and concealer when my Glossier products started to run low – and, hey, turns out I still like ’em! It also means looking at what already lives in my closet that I wear, repeatedly, and trying to ensure my new purchases align as closely with my taste. It also means, in my 33rd year, allowing myself to choose clothes based on comfort instead of trends and keeping a ShopStyle alert for my trusty Cole Haan wedges in a variety of colors instead of higher-heeled options. And it means allowing myself to get excited about a good, quality piece going on sale after you’ve been eyeing it for months already. I present to you:


Funnel-Neck Dress | Eileen Fisher

Ladies and germs, I bring you the best purchase I have made in a really, really long time. Originally priced at $358, it’s not *cheap* on sale at $214, but it sure is cheaper. More importantly, however, is the quality and versatility. I could buy a slouchy jersey dress to wear on the weekend and a structured neutral shift to wear to work, and it could easily come to more than that; somehow, this piece manages to be both work-appropriate (my immediate reaction to trying it on was “OH YES WITH MY SNAKE HEELS AND PEARLS”) and completely comfortable (it drapes in exactly the right ways and clings to nothing, and I can just as easily envision wearing it with low top sneakers). Plus, since it’s Eileen Fisher, it’s ethically and sturdily made. Thus, I dub this sort of find – the still-expensive-but-will-go-with-everything-and-last-forever find – the surprise bargain.

In other news, I discovered Ebates, and now I blame all of you for not telling me about it earlier. You knew how much of my shopping I do online, and you let me shop for years without it! Well, no more; Ebates and I are now besties. You sign up and use their affiliate links to do your shopping, and some percentage (usually 1-2%, but some places run higher and during holidays and major sales all bets are off) of what you spend comes right back to you. That dress above? Earned me back $4.30 when I’d have happily bought it on my own.

Ebates did NOT ask me to promote them; this is from me to you, just because I am so delighted with it.

Yes, in so doing you’re technically giving information about your shopping habits to the site so they can, I assume, help other entities better optimize their ad buys, or something like that. So if that makes you squeamish, maybe don’t sign up. But if you’re like me, and don’t really care about that detail, use Ebates when you online shop. And then feel less guilty about the money you spend.

Yes, that’s a referral link. If it makes no difference to you, why not? And thanks, in advance.

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