“Cool Girl” Makeup: Glossier Phase 2 Review

A little over a week ago, I gave my review of Glossier‘s Phase 1 skincare set, which includes a cleanser, a moisturizer, a skin tint, and a balm. Today, I tell you about my experience with Phase 2.

First, though, an update: despite being “meh, until they add SPF” about it, I canNOT get enough of the Priming Moisturizer. This drives me bonkers, because I NEED SPF. As soon as they release a version with sun protection you know I’ll be all over it.

Phase 2 Makeup Set


The Phase 2 set builds on the successes of the Phase 1 collection by giving you, essentially, your finishing touches. Spoiler alert: I loved EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE in this set.

Stretch Concealer

Concealer is my white whale; I’ve found some great ones, but they all seem most appropriate for those times I’m going all out with my look. I don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis, and I feel beyond odd wearing sheer tinted moisturizer and fully opaque concealer. The closest I’ve come to perfection thus far is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and let’s be completely fair: it’s amazing. But you definitely feel *made up* with it under your eyes.

Enter the Stretch Concealer. It’s extremely sheer – which, as with the Perfecting Skin Tint, means you aren’t going to get a Photoshopped effect on your face.

lucille ball.gif

“Flawless” is an appealing concept, but takes a lot of effort.

But, as with the Perfecting Skin Tint, what it will do is brighten and blur. Thus, the effect is less “I put a lot of effort into looking this good” and more “I woke up like this.”

Blue Ivy.gif

Boy Brow

Y’all. Y’ALL. There is a reason this product sold out so fast. It’s hard to describe how good this stuff is. Until this product I’d waffled between Anastasia’s brow gel (ease of use: high; effect: a little shiny for my taste) and Tarte’s brow clay (the effect is much more natural but it takes much more skill). Boy Brow is a wand-style applicator but a mousse-texture product; its closest approximation is Benefit’s Gimme Brow, but where the Benefit was underwhelming (as, I’m sad to say, most Benefit products seem to be for me) the Boy Brow is astounding. It somehow naturally fluffs your brows up exactly enough, is extremely hard to over-do, and doesn’t feel sticky or stiff. A+.

(For reference, this appears to be Glossier’s brow muse. I’ve been admiring her brows since she was with xovain.)

Generation G

Unlike Lauren, I entered the world of matte makeup suspiciously. I have oily skin, which means I spent years using matte makeup in the hopes of tamping down my sheen, until I realized the best way to deal with it was to steer into the skid and embrace my glow. Furthermore, matte lipsticks in particular strike me as uncomfortable – perhaps stemming way back to my earliest experimentation with lipstick and the deeply drying first edition Revlon Colorstay lipsticks (in “Brick,” natch, because it was 1994) – and since I invested six years of my teenaged life in braces to correct a serious overbite, I wasn’t about to go back to the parched lips of my mouth-breathing years.

All this to say, I was skeptical of Generation G‘s claim to be a “matte balm.” And, to be fair, it’s not nearly as hydrating as the gloriously moisturizing Supergoop balm, which is currently on my lips and feels like heaven. However, Gen G is only slightly less hydrating than one of my Clinique Almost Lipsticks, and its matte effect allows me to try bolder colors without looking extremely ’80s about it.

I ordered my first Gen G in Like, which is a nude pink, and is probably tied for the best “my lips but better” effect with Clinique’s Pink Honey. However, I already own Pink Honey, and also you get more product and better packaging for roughly the same price. Point: Clinique. So, I emailed Glossier to see if I could exchange it out for a bolder color (why go matte if you can’t go bold?) and I’m pleased to report the process was extremely, extremely easy – and within the week I had a tube of Crush, which is a GLORIOUS magenta that pops against my otherwise-neutral makeup. You’d better believe I’ll be trying out Jam soon.

Y’all, this set. WORTH IT. Get it. You won’t be sorry. (And if you try Jam, I want to hear all about it!)

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