Buying Multiples

The older I get, the more I settle into the Things I Like. Even a few years back the idea of owning the same piece of clothing in multiple colors was inconceivable to me – I thought, “I’ll still have my favorite and only wear that one” – but the combination of age, the increased confidence in Who I Am that comes with age, and my More With Less campaign has resulted in my style making steps toward a uniform.

To be quite clear, I’m not wearing a daily uniform a la Steve Jobs, but I am – 32.5 years into my life – tiring of trying out trends (also, thanking the deities that crop tops came back into fashion after I started tiring of trends). The last few years have seen my bursting closets slim down to the best-made, best-fitting, most-Nora pieces. As I figure out which pieces I truly love – and that are truly quality – I now feel much more comfortable buying them in multiples. Here are some of my favorites:

fair haven

Fair Haven Pump | Cole Haan

This pump is as close to perfection as I have yet found with a heel. The leather is sumptuous, the heel is high (3.5″) but placed such that it doesn’t tax your calves or ankles, and it comes in all widths. My feet run on the wide side of average, so I don’t always need a C/D width, but for heels I always opt in since so much of the work is being done by the balls of your feet. Multiple colors and open-toe options available at Cole Haan’s website, but you can also frequently find them deeply discounted at 6pm.


‘Live In’ Midi Leggings | Zella

The style blogosphere has opinions on Zella’s ‘Live In’ line of leggings, and it’s nearly unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. Still, I was late to the game, because leggings are a fraught thing for me. With my short legs, a full-length legging gets scrunched up around my ankles, but a cropped length is too short to sub in. These midi-length leggings are a 25″ inseam, which is a perfect ankle length for my 5’2″ frame. On top of that, they pass the bend-over test – there’s zero see-through action happening here. Additionally, they’re incredibly comfortable and durable. Signed, sealed, delivered.


Cotton U-Neck | Everlane

If you haven’t heard of Everlane then you haven’t been reading this blog. Their cotton t-shirts are the best in the business – exceptionally high-quality, lightweight, and flattering. To boot, they’re ethically made and fairly priced! They come in a variety of fits, but my favorite is the u-neck; it’s relaxed enough to pair well with jeans, but the scoop neck also makes it easily appropriate for a more casual day at the office.

In addition to these particularly spectacular buys, there are plenty of other purchases that I’ve doubled back on: low-heel ankle boots, high-heel ankle boots, mid-heel knee boots, bras. What connects all of these pieces is that I consider them my staples – nothing here is anything I’d showcase as the main feature of an outfit, but they all put together the canvas from which you can feature a fabulous silk scarf (aspirational) or unique necklace.

So, tell me, Petite Crew – what staples do you buy in multiples?

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