Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Follow-Up

Hello, loves! How many of you have been devouring the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year? I believe I’ve finally finished my pass through of the selection, and I’m here now to share my reviews.

My attitude with the NAS is “grab everything you sort of like, return everything you don’t absolutely love.” One thing that I noticed was the fact that my “more with less” approach to owning things seems to have pervaded this attitude – I was grabbing way less, but keeping [proportionally] more than usual. Here are the top pieces I came away with:

eliza j

Ruffle Hem Stretch Fit & Flare Dress | Eliza J

Oh. Em. GOSH, y’all. This dress is everything, and even though it doesn’t technically come in petite sizing, it’s built for a petite person (and, in particular, one with a little extra booty in the pants). As someone with thicker calf muscles, I appreciate the flounce at the end of this dress – it’s subtle enough to be office-appropriate but feminine enough to rock some thick glasses and oxfords as a complement. The length is PERFECT to wear with heels, and the waist and wrists are a tiny bit high for a standard-size person, which makes them perfect for 5’2″ me. And the fabric is beyond comfortable. This is a definite win.

caslon open front blazer

Cotton Knit Open Front Jacket | Caslon

I noticed this jacket right away and jumped after it – and I’m glad I did because it has definitely sold quickly! More sizes and colors remain, so never fear. It is the black blazer I’ve been dreaming of, guys. Just the right combination of slouch and polish, and made from a lightweight cotton knit that feels like I’m wearing a t-shirt.


Air Max 1 | Nike

I’ve never been much one way or the other for athletic shoes – I simply thought of them as for the gym, and that’s all. But these are sleek and lovely (not to mention incredibly comfortable) and I can’t wait to wear them with black ankle-length jeans and my sweet Harriet Tubman t-shirt (supporting President Lincoln’s Cottage’s program, Students Opposing Slavery, and the boss herself – get yours today) on a casual Friday.

Alas, not everything was an out-and-out winner. Most notably:

caslon poncho.jpg

Cozy Knit Turtleneck Poncho | Caslon

I’m super on board with the boxy/floaty top thing, but this was a bit too voluminous for my D-cups; it looked like I was wearing a cast-off XXL t-shirt while I did an art project, not like the glorious artisan I envisioned. Still, I’m glad I tried it – better to know you don’t like something than to wonder if you might have.

Have you gotten any particularly great wins from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Share in the comments!

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