Recent Loves

Happy April, Petite Crew! The showers are in full effect here, as is the spring cleaning. Project “More With Less” continues forward; some setbacks and some huge successes, as with any important project. Hopefully by the close of 2016 I’ll be operating at maximum efficiency.

One big part of “More With Less” is making sure the “Less” is of the best value, to get the most from everything. Here are some of my latest seriously-great finds:

instant pretty

“Instant Pretty” Set | Bobbi Brown

Y’all, this little makeup set is everything for a workday look. It’s an expertly curated set of neutrals and rose colors with just the touch of sparkle. It’s not going to work for everyone’s skin tone, but with my fair skin, dark hair, and green eyes, it’s perfection. Having the blush and lipstick included makes it a very easy look for when that’s what you need. The included mascara is good enough (while there are some exceptional mascaras out there – looking at you, Chanel and Maybelline – the most I ever expect from a mascara is that it will simply darken my lashes and finish my look) and the travel brush is a decent combination of two of her best sellers (though I still use my full-size brushes day-to-day).


E17 Waterline Brush | Sigma Beauty

Speaking of makeup brushes, this is the one I’ve been trying to find for years. Literally. I’m a fan of tightlining, and had been making do with the fully-acceptable Laura Mercier brush but never wholly in love with it. What I really wanted was something with the same razor-thin flat head, but about half the width. The Laura Mercier brush was the narrowest I could find, though – until discovering this beauty. It’s marketed as a “waterline” brush but it serves the tightline purpose perfectly. I’ve never had a more natural looking line.

yes to coconuts

Polishing Body Scrub | Yes to Coconuts

Y’all, springtime means dresses, which means shaved legs, which means ingrown hairs. This magical scrub makes it so much less likely that you’ll get to those ingrown hairs. The key is to scrub it onto dry legs – it’s chock full of moisturizing oils, so you’re not going to rub your legs raw, and it’s so delicate that it’ll instantly dissolve once you’re in the shower. I let it work its magic while the shower heats up, and when I emerge I use the brand’s glorious spray lotion to seal in all the good work I’ve done. My legs have never been smoother or softer.

self sun

Self Sun | Clinique

While Yes to Coconuts might keep my legs smooth and soft, it takes a while for my legs to look like it’s sunny outside – but Clinique’s awesome tinted lotion helps mask the blinding whiteness of my lower half until that happens. The tint is subdued but lasting, and the sparkle comes off as more of a subtle sheen than an overt glitter – and it’s very flattering. And to top it all off, the formula is very moisturizing, which keeps my legs feeling as good as they look.


Five Minute Journal App

One really effective way for me to focus on getting the most from fewer things is to focus on my goals and my gratitudes. The Five Minute Journal app is a great, quick way to focus my intentions at the start and end of each day. It’s quite simple: in the morning, you state three things for which you’re grateful, three things you’ll do to make the day great, and one affirmation; in the evening, you state three things that made the day great and one thing you wish you had done differently. That’s all! And it’s such an effective practice to think about what my daily tasks mean in the scheme of my larger dreams. Plus, having it in app form means (a) no paper journals cluttering up my bedside table and (b) I get reminders at 8am and 9pm to complete my entries for the morning/evening. A journal that reminds you to journal is the most effective journal!

What great finds have you found lately, Petite Crew?

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