Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Y’all might have heard that a winter storm described as “historic” and “mind-boggling” by the meteorologists is headed my way…today. We’re slated to get up to 30 inches of snow over the weekend, and in preparation the mayor has declared a state of emergency, local and federal government have already announced offices closing at noon, and the region’s school systems have closed for the entire day. Metro is shutting down, guys – that didn’t even happen in 2010, which is the year that gave us such portmanteaux as “snowpocalypse” and “snowmageddon.” I plan to spend my weekend as indoors as possible, under as many blankets as possible, and as near to the cat as possible. But if I have to venture outside, I’ve got a worthy defense prepared:


ThermaSkin crew and pant | Land’s End

Start inside – a good base layer does wonders for your well-being in cold weather. I like this set from Land’s End because it is low-profile (you can still wear your normal clothes over them), it comes in a variety of colors (so you don’t have that all-white long-underwear look, if you don’t want it), and best of all: IT COMES IN PETITE. Being able to have well-fitted undergarments matters so much and that includes your base layer. Your ankles will thank you for not trying to cram extra fabric into your socks and boots, trust me. Speaking of socks…


Shimmering Snow | Smartwool

Hands-down I have never found a winter sock I like better than Smartwool. They are well-constructed (as in, they’ll last for ages), incredibly warm, and come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your preference. As a lady with wider calves, I like the crew-height socks, but you can also get them in ankle, knee-high, thigh-high, and no-show form. They’re pricier than the stuff you’ll find at Target, but if you search 6pm and Amazon you’re bound to get a good deal. And of course, socks go under…

sorel caribou

Caribou | Sorel

A good pair of snow boots is a very difficult purchase to make if where you live is only occasionally a tundra, given that you’ll likely wear them *maybe* twice a year. Still, I’ve never regretted getting these (it doesn’t hurt that I got them a couple of years ago on end-of-season-clearance for significantly less than they would cost in December). They’re incredibly heavy-duty, with a Sherpa lining and a waterproof exterior. The lining is removable, as well, so you can wash that and put it back in – thus extending the life of your boots. Your feet will thank you.

pure cashmere

Cashmere Cowl Neck | Pure Collection

Perhaps my theme is clear, but let me state it explicitly: this is the kind of weather where you should get all sorts of cozy. A cowl neck is a perfect snow day sweater – all the warmth of a turtleneck but none of the tightness. Pure Collection has a wide array of high-quality, sustainably-produced cashmere sweaters at reasonable prices; you might also check Everlane for a well-made piece with ethical origins.

How do you stay warm on a cold winter day, Petite Crew?

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