Lauren’s 2016 Resolution

It’s 18 days into 2016, it still counts – HAPPY NEW YEAR! This post is better late than never.

I like the idea of resolutions or intentions because there is something refreshing about them. It’s a chance to make yourself and your everyday life just a little bit better, more manageable, brighter, and step into your dopeness.

Nora shared her goals for the year, so here are mine.

Spend less, smile more.

This is the year  I’ll throw caution to the wind, well actually I will keep my caution close by and pay off some debt.  After overspending for the holidays, moving, and just life, I’m trying to get more financially sound, which means cutting out impulse outfit buys. For instance, I turned off my StitchFix subscription. I’m lucky to have good consignment shops around my neighborhood and that my new PDX ladyfriends host clothing swaps. This year is all about finding was to reinvent my clothing style with some frugal tips, make up dupes and some solid accessories.

Walk Tall.


I recently noticed that I walk with my head down. *queue Charlie Brown theme song*
I’m not sad or stressed like Mr. Brown but in a moment walking to work, I realized I don’t take my eyes off the sidewalk. This doesn’t make for feeling good mentally, emotionally, or fashionably. Holding my head up and shoulder back will not only help with my posture but how my clothes feel and how I feel in my clothes.  While this is more of a lifestyle change, it does help in the long run. It’s like power posing as you walk (check out the TED talk, it’s worth it)!

My goal is to walk into everyday like this.destinyschildwalk-450

If it’s good enough for Destiny’s Child, it’s good enough for me.

Clear Out.

I did a massive wardrobe clear out right before my move. Now that I’ve seen what the weather is like in the PNW over three seasons, what I really need and what I don’t actually wear is very apparent. Somethings have had a good life but it’s time to let them go and there are others things that are no longer my work uniform. The hardest thing to say goodbye to will be my shoes. Now that I walk about five miles a day, there are just some shoes that just aren’t a part of my life. I will bid them a fond farewell, but don’t get it twisted, Merrels or Croqs won’t be a part of the new rotation. I’m still me.


Now that we’re over halftway through January, how are you doing with your resolutions #TeamPCA?

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