Nora’s 2016 Resolutions

Happy new year, Petite Crew! I love a new year. Perhaps it’s the fact that it essentially coincides with my birthday, but I delight in the idea of entering a year with plans to be better than the year before – you have a built-in reason to celebrate what you did well and find opportunities to do other things as well. In addition to the general ones (eat better, exercise more, procrastinate less, wake up earlier, etc) I’ve got a few that will be reflected in my blogging (listed from most to least difficult):

  1. Acquire fewer things. Frankly, there are more things in my house than it is designed to hold comfortably. Physical clutter translates to psychological clutter. 2016 needs to be the year of an emptier house (and closet). I’ve already shipped out two ThredUp bags in the last month and have another packed and ready to mail. The real challenge, though, will be in not replacing the items I consign and donate.
  2. Acquire better things. Despite wanting to acquire fewer things, there will still be things I’ll need to acquire. As I mentioned before, I’m really trying to be more aware of the labor and supply chain of the companies that get my money, and this means doing more research and spending my money in the right places. Companies like Everlane, Cuyana (their motto is literally “Fewer, Better Things”), and MM.LaFleur will make sure that when I’m in need of a new white v-neck or black pencil skirt to replace an older, worn-out version, I can do so with a well-constructed and humanely-produced option.
  3. Develop a work uniform. A work uniform is widely considered a savvy choice of successful people – and it doesn’t require you to sacrifice style, either. Just ask DVF and Carolina Herrera. The work uniform allows you to make one less decision over the course of a day – therefore keeping you a step farther away from decision fatigue. Besides, having a basic work uniform (think shapes and hues, not a full Steve Jobs) shows the world that you’re consistent – and that’s a quality you want to project at the office, no?

What about you, Petite Crew? What are your big resolutions for 2016?

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