Burgundy Pants – Capsule Closet Addition

Like most of our post, in fact this whole blog, is inspired by a conversation that Nora and I were having over Gchat:

Nora:burgundy trousers- how would i wear them?
Me: So many ways!
So in honor of her new pants, here are a few outfit ideas for her to rock this look with some pieces she already has in rotation.

Burgundy + Animal Print

Knowing that Nora has some leopard wedges, these would go well with the pants and a nice blush sweater to compliment her new blond pixie. And we know how much she’s been digging pastels and blush. Add in one of her lovely gold necklaces and you’ve got a nice subtle look with a little bit of pop in the shoe arena.
Burgundy Pants 1

Burgundy + Grey 

In Nora’s post about starting a new professional wardrobe last year,  she mentioned a new classic blazer that was her fast favorite. Add that to the pants, a white blouse or button down and her newest dors’i flats from the Cole Haan Friends & Family sale in nude. There you have a look that is clean and classic.

Classic basketweave wool blazer - light blueamalia

Burgundy + Feminine

With her new do, Nora can rock a super fem look while mixing a masculine piece like trousers. The following shirts have little touches that add that little bit of flare, in this case lace, bow ties, and peter pan collars (not all on the same shirt!). Pair any of these tops with black flats, the shoes mentioned above, or even her nude wedges and she’s ready to go.

burgundy pants tops

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