1.23.15 #outfitselfie: How to Layer

Happy Friday! I know yall are a few hours away from your weekend and if you’re anything like me here’s your exit: TGIF-GIF

To get you through the rest of your afternoon here’s a quick post based on a question I got from today’s #outfitselfie.

Photo Jan 23, 8 22 35 AM

Shirt: Old Navy | Sweater: Target | Pants: INC International | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Necklace: Don’t even remember 🙂

 Things I love about this outfit – it’s simple and I look put together without really having to think about it. This has become one of my uniforms for work/ casual Fridays. Pant, Sweater, Button down, add statement necklace and a shoe. Walk out the door, knowing you’re on fleek.

After I posted this, one of my Instagram followers asked a great question:

Photo Jan 23, 10 37 42 AM
Just curious, is that a long sleeve or 3/4 length sweater? I’ve tried layering like this and it just looks so bulky!
You knew this was going to happen.

Here’s the secret to layering without feeling like you’re 10 inches wider around than you really are – it’s all about the cut of the button down and the weight of the sweater.  Not every button down is meant to layer – I’m looking at you boyfriend cut shirt! Even though those are still fitted for a lady, they are frequently too loose to fit under a sweater comfortably.  Rule of thumb: Stick to slim cut or tailored button downs when layering.

As for the sweater, I’ve had better success with thinner sweaters. Since I live in North Carolina, I don’t need super heavy sweaters, and to create warmth layering works just fine. Using a thin sweater allows for enough room to fit the button down on without feeling like you’re wearing all the clothes.

With sleeve length, I love 3/4 sleeves but in the Fall and Winter, I like long sleeves so I can roll them up just a little bit. This doesn’t hurt the layers but adds a chance to show off the button down pattern.

So that’s it. Your quick and dirty guide to layering your petite self.

Feel free to leave comments on any other topics you would like us to cover! We miss y’all greatly!

X and O, lauren and nora

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