2014 #PetiteCrew Holiday Gift Guide

Is anyone else in disbelief that we are under two weeks until Christmas? This year notes, by far, the longest I’ve ever waited to get gifts. I’m generally sure what I’m getting someone well before Thanksgiving rolls around, and I might have even purchased it already.

This year, however, my attention has been elsewhere (still new-ish house, still new-ish job, still planning that wedding) and it was suddenly December, and there I was, without a single gift wrapped. In the same boat? May I introduce to you:

The 2014 #PetiteCrew Holiday Gift Guide

By no means a comprehensive list of people for whom you’ll need to buy a gift, this is a great starting point for a cute little trinket or a showstopper item to hand off on December 25 (or another day, if you don’t celebrate Christmas). Here are my recommendations*:

for the person who loves to cook


Himalayan Salt Block | Sur la Table | $40

I took one of Sur la Table’s cooking classes a while back, and we grilled watermelon for a salad on this gorgeous slab of pink Himalayan salt. After tasting the insanely-flavorful result, I knew I had to get one of my own (didn’t hurt that SLT gave me a coupon for use in-store after the class). This can be used as a grill – it holds onto heat FOREVER, so if you just bake one in your oven for a while you can grill right on top of it as though it’s flaming charcoal – or used cold for cheese, sashimi, or anything else that strikes your fancy. It’s a versatile gift for the chef who already has her complete All-Clad collection.

for the #outfitselfie queen


4-in-1 Lens | olloclip | $80

Y’all, iPhone cameras are pretty spectacular right now – definitely better than I ever imagined a cell phone camera could be. This clip-on lens adapts your phone’s camera to four different effects – fish eye, wide-angle, and two different forms of macro. Let your friends take their Instagram game up a level with this little toy.

for the cosmetics junkie


Naked on the Run Palette | Urban Decay | $54

Beauty salespeople may try to push you on buying a friend one of the three Naked eye palettes, but I’d actually warn against – most of the makeup-obsessed already have at least one of them, and many have all three. Instead, buy her this awesome new palette in the line, which will be perfect for travel or touch-up use, which the larger palettes don’t serve very well.

for the friend who is always claiming a new signature cocktail


Gold + Marble Deco Barware Collection | West Elm | $80

How stunning is this bar tool set from West Elm? The gold metal, the marble, the presentation – it’s perfection. Your friend will love using this for her next Manhattan/martini/Mai Tai/mojito/margarita, or whatever currently-trendy drink she’s currently all about.

What about y’all, #PetiteCrew? What amazing gifts have you found this year?

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