First #TeamPCA Personal Shopping Trip

With #NoShoppingSummer ending on Monday (HALLELU!!), I’m starting to feel a little antsy for this social experiment to be over.  That’s why when my sister asked me to go shopping with her last weekend, I jumped at the chance.  She is a Ph.D. candidate and will be working in an office this semester, so she wanted to freshen up her look. It’s easy to get dressed to go to class (what up yoga pants!) but it’s a different story getting dressed for an office when you don’t have to wear a suit. She also has some new curves that she wasn’t sure how to dress in a professional setting. With the goal of getting work appropriate outfits that made her feel awesome, I put on my Stacey London hat and went to town!

  So with a smaller budget and no Clinton, I thought back to the following “rules”:

1. Nip It In. Your waistline that is.  When working with curves, you have to show off your awesome waistline to give you the hourglass shape that you naturally have and to give balance to your frame.

2. Eyes up. Whether with accessories, wrap details, or a v-/scoop neck, it’s good to bring eyes up to your bright shining face.

3. High-waist is your friend. Bringing the waist line up helps give the illusion of longer legs, girdles in the waist, and is another way to nip in at your waistline.

Here’s what we came up with:

Photo Aug 24, 2 27 34 PM Photo Aug 24, 2 57 18 PM.jpg Photo Aug 24, 2 52 27 PM.jpg (1) Photo Aug 24, 2 41 27 PM.jpg


The great thing about these outfits is that things can be mixed and matched, plus the colors are neutral enough that it can take her into the fall.

So in true What Not To Wear fashion, here’s the breakdown:

– 3 dresses
– 2 skirts (not pictured)
– 2 belts
– 2 necklaces
– 1 pair of pants
– 1 sweater
– 1 top
– 1 scarf

For UNDER $300! Unlike What Not to Wear, I know how to shop a sale section, especially at The Loft. 🙂

I can officially call the first #TeamPCA shopping trip a success. What rules are your go-tos when shopping? Sound off in the comments!


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