Last-Minute Looks

Sometimes* I hit snooze. This morning, I hit snooze for a full hour, only fully waking up when I realized it was ten minutes until I needed to leave the house. I pushed back my departure, but still made it out in a total of 25 minutes – coffee included. It’s all about a streamlined look and simple cosmetics. Here are my tips for a professional look in less than 30 minutes.

*All the time.

1. First, you’ll want to run your hands under the faucet and then distribute that water (on your hands) through your hair. It’s enough to freshen it all up without being so much you’ll need to blowdry. Have bangs? Bobby pins are going to be your best friend as you try out your best Audrey Tatou ‘do. Longer hair? It’s a good day to wear a low bun.

2. Wear a dress. I can’t emphasize this enough. Pants or skirt require a shirt – two choices to make. A dress is an outfit unto itself. I recommend something in a jersey knit, which basically feels like wearing a t-shirt to work. I also recommend something with ruching or pleats, which are pretty universally flattering. Here are some great options, even on a non-rushed day:


L to R: Karl Lagerfeld | Issa | DvF | Phase Eight

Need to shave your legs? Too bad, there’s no time. Luckily, patterned hose are a great, fun option. I’m wearing micro fishnets (my favorites come from Hue), but you can also find them with a delicate dot or a pinstripe. Throw on neutral shoes and a simple single-metal necklace, and you’re done getting dressed. Now is not the time for experimentation; classic shapes and simple accessories are your friend today.

3. Don’t wear a lot of makeup today. You’re going with simple and classic for your clothes; match that for your face. In lieu of eyeshadow, I’m wearing a shimmery eye primer from Urban Decay. Add a little under-eye highlighter (key for days like this), blush, and mascara, and that’s all.

4. Take a moment to admire what you’ve accomplished in just a few minutes. You’ve got yourself a look going!

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