Know Your Face: Warmer Weather

You guys, I’m scared to say it, but I think spring might have finally arrived! I haven’t worn socks in at least a week, and I’ve even got a tiny bit of a sunburn from sitting outside drinking margaritas all Saturday afternoon. (Life = good.)

Here’s something skincare novices might not realize: you’re going to want to change your routine with the seasons. Now, you don’t have to do it four times per year – when I lived in Louisiana, where the seasons are “hot” and “not so hot,” I barely had to do it at all – but you’re likely to find your skin reacts to your products differently depending on the climate. Here’s what I’m switching out for summer:


L to R: Clinique | First Aid Beauty | Caudalie | Renee Rouleau

Moisturizer: If you’re only going to change one product from season to season, your best bet is moisturizer. My skin is so oily that I’m honestly not all that worried about wrinkles, so I always thought of moisturizer as a regulating product, not a nourishing one. Then I moved to DC, and realized that wintertime requires a bit of extra care. Now that the weather’s warm, however, I’m swapping my thicker cream for this lightweight gel from Clinique. Since this product doesn’t boast SPF (and since you should never, ever go without SPF), I’ll supplement it with something like Supergoop’s City Sunscreen Serum.

Cleanser: Very unlikely you’ll need to change your cleanser, but I do find myself going for more of the deep-pore cleansing products when the weather turns warm. I got a sample of this with another purchase and am in love! It’s very gentle but does a very thorough job, with or without the Clarisonic.

Serum: While I adore Renee Rouleau’s Vitamin C + E Treatment, it’s a tiny bit too heavy for the sweaty summer months. This Caudalie serum, however, is perfect: oil free, creamy yet lightweight, and brightening. For the same cost as the serum alone, you can get the serum plus a sampler of their fabulous Vinoperfect moisturizer (another great option for summer months, but sadly seemingly sold out everywhere).

Eye Cream: I actually haven’t even tried this one out yet, but I’ve known it was forthcoming for months and I’ve been eagerly anticipating it. Given that eye cream in particular can be very heavy, this lightweight brightening treatment should be perfect.

What are your go-to summer products?

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