#OutfitSelfie 3.24.14: When Outfits Go Wrong


When I’m getting ready in the morning, I have a vision of what I want to wear for the day. This includes thinking about what meetings I have and what adjective I’m looking for (cozy, classic, funky, etc.) When it’s on the hanger, it looks like a winner. Then I go to put it on… yup. It’s not at all what I thought it was going to be. The sweater is too slouchy, the skirt too long, and the balance is all wrong! What to do?! Try another outfit, and then another and then four outfits and 20 minutes later, I’m grouchy, ready to just  call it a day, and wear sweatpants to work.

Let me back up for a second, the way that #outfitselfie came to be was to get Nora and I to put a little more thought and effort into how we pulled ourselves together for work. I will say it’s helped me think about clothes as more than just what is in my closet. I’ve started to find my own sense of style. But here’s the thing with #outfitselies- they aren’t always style magic.   Sometimes the full-length mirror highlights the issues of your closet – the things that need to go to the tailor (like this skirt), the pairings that aren’t meant to go together (first sweater option meant for weekends and jeans), and the things that just need to go (again, maybe this skirt). This is great to see but not when you need to run out the door to get to work on time.

Lesson #1: Don’t give in and wear whatever. It’s called casual Friday, not hot mess Monday. 

So back to this morning’s selfie – I landed with an outfit that I don’t love. In theory it should work but IRL, it’s just meh. The lesson here is that some days your outfit is going to be meh. Just take mental stock of changes you want to make and put it to good use. PCA is a fashion, beauty, and LIFEstyle blog and sometimes life happens.

Lesson #2: Pulled together = Pulling it together. It may not be perfectly styled, but you’re still perfect in it. 


So get dressed. Tomorrow is another day, another outfit, and another chance to #outfitselfie (oh it’s a verb now, y’all!) your fabulous self.

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