Makeup Must Have: Luminizers

I was in a wedding last weekend, which meant pictures and lots of them. Being the makeup lover I am, I thought it would be a great time to add a couple of items to give me the fresh, dewy, romantic face that you get to rock during weddings. So off to Sephora (a.k.a. makeup heaven) and Ulta, and picked up a few luminizers that I’d done some research on.

My top three:

lumi Collage

1. L’oreal Magic Lumi Concealer | 2. Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Luminizer | 3. Benefit’s Watts Up!

These each serve different purposes. Magic Lumi by L’oreal  is a great drugstore brand that provides coverage but not a lot of light to the face.  So if you’re new to luminizers and don’t want to break the bank (~ $8) this is a good daily one to use to give just a slight pop to your face.

The Baked Luminizer by Sephora is a nice makeup dupe of Nars Albatross for $15 less. It has a subtle shimmer that doesn’t make you look too made up but you definitely get the dewy glow face that is a nice touch for date night or if you’re looking for a nice sunkissed summer face. i’ve only had this for a week and I’ve started including it in my daily makeup routine.  A quick dusting is all you need.  Seriously don’t get heavy handed with this stuff, otherwise you will end up looking like you put glitter on your face.

photo (7)

Finally, the crème de la crème, Watts Up by Benefit Cosmetics. This is just the perfect luminizer for a true red carpet face.  Even though it’s a thicker cream base, it’s pretty lightweight. It’s long-lasting, and event despite the iPhone selfie, it does photograph well. All in all, it was exactly what I needed for this special day.

I’m a true convert in the land of highlighting and luminizing the face.  Life is short, let your light shine!

4 thoughts on “Makeup Must Have: Luminizers

    1. I have the Elf Studio small brush. They may be target brushes but they are pretty good for the cost and for a lady with a budget like myself 🙂 I’ll have to check out theBalm’s line. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Thanks @haticedogan! I like the babylips line. I’m a bit of a lip stuff collector, so it’s nice to hear back on good products. Thanks for reading and share with a friend!

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