#OutfitSelfie 3.10.14: Daylight Savings Edition

photo (31)

Shirt: Splendid | Pants: Theory | Shoes: Madewell [similar]

You guys, thank goodness it’s no longer February, because I sure did need my hairpin this morning. Daylight Savings is awesome in the fall, but you always forget that you owe that hour back in the Spring. I hit the snooze button for a full 45 minutes before rolling out of bed; pulling together a look today was all about simplicity.

The theme of this outfit is also “literally every piece was on sale,” but that shouldn’t surprise you, since I’m generally opposed to paying full price for anything, ever. The top is a new find from the Saks clearance section; Splendid makes the most gorgeous, perfectly-draped knits, but who can afford an $80 t-shirt? (Please don’t answer that.) As a result, I scour 6pm and clearance sales for deeply discounted items. I found this soft shirt with gold metallic stripes and a fabulous navy python-print dress last time I browsed. Same goes for Theory pants; they’re the best of their kind, but at $200+ a pop, it’s all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – that’s when I got these. The shoes were the biggest win; I went in to buy them knowing they were marked down and prepared to spend $50 on them, but with an additional percentage off sale, I got them for $30! Booyah.

The photo doesn’t show it well, but it’s also my first attempt at a look using my Nars ♥ New York set. I’m still figuring out the nuance, but it’s a winner!

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