Snow Day Beauty Stash

Y’all, I should not have internet access when it’s a snow day; all I do is browse the tubes for a deal! Last week we had a doozy, and I responded in kind. Lucky for you, I’ve now got a huge selection of beauty product reviews for you.

As background, I knew I was going to go a bit warmer with my hair color and needed to adjust my beauty routine accordingly. Previously I was using a beautiful porcelain pink blush called French Pink from Bobbi Brown and an eyeshadow palette specifically for cool tones – also from my girl Bobbi. Adding in the spicy tones to my hair, however, warmed the heck out of my look, and I knew I’d have to switch my blue undertones for apricot. Thanks to last week’s snowstorm, I’ve got plenty to choose from.


Nectar & Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Bobbi Brown

Did I mention your girl’s a Bobbi Brown fan? The problem with warm eyeshadow colors, for me, is the brown undertones. As someone with pale green eyes (and as someone who wants to play up that specific feature), too much brown can result in my eyes looking less green and more hazel. That’s why I’ve avoided previous warm-themed eye palettes.

This year, however, rose gold is the thing. Naked3 led the charge, but as the owner of a Naked2 palette, I found that the selection was a bit overwhelming. Bobbi’s palette, on the other hand, has exactly the right amount to make my eyes pop. Use the peachy cream color (“pale cream”) all over as a foundation; “soft buff” on the lid and “earth” in the crease. Then layer the sparkly “golden bronze” atop  the matte colors and dab “pink bellini” right in the center of the lid to open the whole thing up. Push “rich caviar” into your lashline, and you’ve got a fabulous nighttime eye look. Done.


NARS ♥ New York set | NARS

You know how people optimistically buy expensive workout clothes in the hopes that it’ll motivate them to go to the gym more often? I do the same with compact cosmetic kits. We’ll see how that works out.

Regardless, this kit is a total winner. A single palette with a matte peachy-pink blush (peach, like rose gold, is another key undertone for warmth) and a subtle bronzer, plus four versatile eyeshadows. The lip gloss is a lovely mauve and the nail polish is a great bold color. Anybody want to give me a mani?

I’ll be using this as my daytime look as long as I’m going for a warm tone; the blush and bronzer perfectly complement each other (no surprise, as it’s a kit) as well as my hair, and the plum eyeshadow will be key for my green eyes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 4.51.29 PM

Luxe Travel Brush Set | Laura Mercier

Laura’s brushes are my favorite and this set caused me to yelp with glee – literally every brush I use daily, but in travel size. If you’re wondering, by the way, the brush heads themselves match their full-size counterpart. Just the length is different.

Why do I need two sets of brushes? Well, I don’t, not really. But it’s really, really handy, and I’m all for making my life easier when I’m able. My main concern is that I don’t have a container long enough for my full-size makeup brushes, and it’s also a pain to constantly dig around in my gym bag for a brush I need at home. It’s the same reason I buy travel-size versions of my face cream, my dry shampoo, and (as mentioned above, with the NARS kit) my makeup itself.

The real kicker, though? The kit, originally priced at $125, was marked down to $85. Still a penny or two, but when you consider that Laura’s brushes are usually $25-30 apiece, and this kit comes with nine of them, it becomes much more justifiable much more quickly.

(By the way, if anyone wants the clutch they came in, it’s up for grabs. Put it on the list of “cute things I don’t have space for in my life.” First come, first serve. Email me at if you want it.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 5.07.04 PM

Dipbrow Pomade | Anastasia

As my colleague said, I’ve come over to her side of thinking when it comes to defining my brows; where I was once a pencil devotee, I started using powder after my browchitecture appointment. I found a great brand in a perfect shade for my old hair color: Too Faced’s Bulletproof Brows in “universal taupe.” If my hair were a tad darker, the “universal brunette” color would have been a winner. Unfortunately, when I added the cinnamon tones to my hair, my brows suddenly looked…out of place.

Enter Anastasia, arguably the expert brand on brow maintenance. Where most brands’ “auburn” shades skew strawberry blond, theirs is a true auburn, with brunette undertones. Plus, it has just enough ash in it that it makes for a very subtle look – your brows look defined without looking made up. I’m still getting accustomed to the pomade texture (even though the Too Faced product was technically a pomade, it was much firmer and lighter – more like a mousse – than the Anastasia) but even with my weirdly heavy hand, it looks great.

That’s my snow day haul. What winning products have you gotten lately?

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