Packing Up: Conference Time!

I’m heading to a conference today and I don’t know about you, but packing for work travel is a little harder than packing for fun travel. Don’t get me wrong, some fun will be had – hard not to when the destination is the Big Easy – but back to the task at hand, packing for a work trip. Over the years and the various conferences, I’ve picked up a couple of lessons to keep comfortable while still holding to the business casual style.

1. Cardi Party: Most conferences are held in hotels and for some reason the ballrooms range from icebox to room temp to stuffy. Throw on a cardigan and you’re covered to handle whatever temperature the room may be.
2. Dress Up! For me dresses are equivalent to Barney Stinson’s suits. You will always look put together and business appropriate. Plus one piece is easier to pack than 2 or 3.
3.Two Shoe Max: the shoes you wear on the flight or while en route to the conference and a pair in your bag. The only time I flex this rule is if there is a gala or fancy event during the conference. Doesn’t include sneakers if you plan to workout while there. Beignets don’t work themselves off.
4. Bling and Things: the best way to pack light is to wear outfits that can mix and match but the key to that is ACCESSORIES! With the dress as your base, adding a scarf one day and a chunky necklace or belt the next makes for a whole different outfit.


Now that you’re packed, enjoy your trip and learn lots at the conference!

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