Subscription Box Review: So Long, Birchbox


When Birchbox first came out I was excited to see all of the posts of great travel-sized brands being delivered to

people’s doors. When I signed up in November, I was enthused by the idea of great new products coming my way.

Box one came and there were a few items I was pumped about, but it didn’t rock my world the way I had hoped.  I chalked it up to them getting used to my profile.  So i changed it up a little to make it clear that I was looking for specific items in hopes that the 2nd box would be closer to what I was looking for so that I could rave about this subscription like most of my friends. As the January box arrived, I opened it to find only one product I liked and the others didn’t fit the classic style profile I had set up. I figured I would give BB one more try and see what they came up with.  Enter the February box. I have word for you, #PetiteCrew – whelmed.

The only shining beacons in this month’s order was a sample size of OPI top coat and a Anna Sui sample. Other than that there was some soap, primer, and a sweet treat. For the size of the two samples I liked, it’s not worth $10 a month. I don’t know if they are just not as generous as they used to be or if they no longer really look at the profiles, but I rather use that $10 at Sephora and build up my beautypoints for something wonderful.

If you have any suggestions on makeup boxes, feel free to let me know.

I bid you farewell Birchbox.  It was.

One thought on “Subscription Box Review: So Long, Birchbox

  1. I’ve started to feel the same way. I’ve had two things I’ve liked in the past 6 months of boxes. The only reason I keep going is you get 10 points for every item you review. Reviewed almost every single item and I’ve now got a sweet $30 to spend on their online store.

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