Going to the Chapel: Bridal Shower Attire

Before you freak, I’m not announcing my own nuptials, I’m a bridesmaid in a friend’s March wedding. This past weekend I was the co-host of the bridal shower. I haven’t been a bridesmaid for a while so I was a little dusty on what to wear. I knew it had to be comfortable since I would be setting up the room and standing a lot, but I also wanted to be dressy enough without being fussy.

Where did that lead me – A ponte shift dress. Ponte is one of my favorite fabrics. It’s forgiving like jersey but heavier for a more structured and substantial outfit. The long sleeves are great for winter, too.

ponte sheath

This dress has a tendency to go to the more formal end when paired with heels (especially these), so to keep it casual, I added a navy diamond-patterned scarf and gold hoops.

Things to remember when hosting a shower and dressing the part:

1. Don’t fuss. Once things are in place just let the event happen.  This includes your outfit. You don’t want to spend the day pulling and tugging to feel comfortable, just like you don’t want to spend all day rearranging signage and flowers.

2. Follow your vision. I knew that the theme for the shower was going to be sangria (one of the wedding colors) and figuring out how to incorporate that without making it feel cheesy was a thin line to walk. Same with dressing – you want to look festive without too much of a good thing. By wearing pink, I complemented the pallet of the event and by using the colors from the wedding in a Spanish tapas restaurant, we were able to tie in the sangria without going overboard.

Anyone hosing events soon? Let us know what you’re wearing!

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