Don’t Forget Your Brows: Brow Powder Review

Nora recently raved about her recent brow session. Before she this session we had a conversation about how we maintained our brows, which unveiled that I was a powder fan and she was more of a pencil gal. This was going to be a great point/counterpoint but she saw the power of the powder, so now our point/counterpoint is a review!

I’ve recently started using brow powder after my threader finished my session with it.  I couldn’t find the exact product she used but I did find something that fills in the sparse spaces in my brow to really give my arch a little more shape. Enter in ELF Brow Kit:

photo 1photo

As you can see, there is a bit of a difference from the before and after. This kit lets you set up the shape you want with a thin gel, that I apply with a slanted brush and then brush through with a spoolie (the brush that looks like a mascara wand) to make sure the color is evenly applied, and then set it with the powder.  This set allows for a natural look without looking overly made up. The powder in the set is super lightweight. I don’t feel like I’m wearing makeup, which is really the key for any product for me.

So why use brow powder? The simple answer is so that your brows look full and even all the way through. This is helpful when you’re growing out your brows like Nora or if you sport thinner brows. The major reason for me though, is that it finishes out your face and creates balance. Just think of your brows as your face frames and you don’t want to put a poster on the wall without a frame.  Well, at least not after you graduate from college.

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