Got to Give It Up: Hair Pins

When my colleague and I started discussing our style crutches, I’m pretty sure neither of us expected it to be hair-related for both of us. And yet. For the month of February, I’ll be giving up my beloved hair pins.

photo (21)

Three months of #OutfitSelfie photos and I could’ve included WAY more than these four.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m growing my hair out. Going from a pixie to [whatever the end game will be] is a process that involves a number of transitional styles and a *lot* of patience. Furthermore, the fact that my cut is still basically pixie means that I don’t have much variety in my hair game right now. Much like Lauren’s ponytail, my precious bobby pin goes in on mornings when I don’t have much fight in me; it’s the way I avoid having to do anything more than acknowledge the hair exists. (True story: once, I pinned my bangs back before a haircut, and the first question my stylist asked was “Why?” He thought I was having trouble with my cut. Nope, just lazy.)

But! I’ve been steadily decreasing the number of days per week that I wash my hair (in August, I was washing daily; by December I was down to 3x per week, and my new goal is twice weekly), which has resulted in a steep decline in grease production. My hair isn’t quite as crazy in the mornings as it might have been previously. Add in a stellar dry shampoo routine and I’ve really got no excuse for pinning my bangs back. So, for the month of February, I will not pin my bangs back, no matter how tired I might be. I will take the extra 20 seconds in the morning and I will wear my hair the way my stylist intended.

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