Resolution Update: Brow Sculpting

I mentioned when listing my New Year’s Resolutions that I was growing out my eyebrows in preparation for a “brow sculpting” session. Today, I tell you all about it!

The Plan

My appointment was with a well-reviewed but low-profile spa, BrowBeat Beauty. Operated out of a townhouse in DC’s Columbia Heights neighborhood, I was drawn to the reviews as well as the location (about halfway between my work and my home). The appointment was originally for October, but when the shutdown forced my [federally-funded] workplace to furlough us, I decided to err on the side of austerity, just in case.

While a facial and “browchitecture” (as they call it) would’ve been delightful in October, it was spectacular in January. It so happens my rescheduled appointment fell the weekend after the condo went on the market, and nothing relaxes me more than beauty.

The Arrival

Given that I filled in my consultation forms online prior to the appointment, I was able to decompress immediately after I arrived. Willie led me to a mirror where we discussed what I liked and disliked about my brows and the kind of look I was going for. I wanted something that people wouldn’t comment on – not because they weren’t noteworthy, but because they were so naturally shaped it seemed completely usual how much they flattered my face. He totally got what I wanted.

The Process

First, he cleaned off my brow area. Then he did some cursory waxing. Given that I’d not touched my brows since November, there was quite a bit of foliage to get through. This wasn’t like the eyebrow waxing I’ve experienced at nail salons, though – it was very deliberate and done in small doses to ensure precision. After the wax came the tweezers, where he added detail to the groundwork he’d laid. Following the tweezers came the scissors; he brushed my brows in every direction and cut off strays.

Despite the fact that I’d been growing my brows for two months, there remained some patchiness to be dealt with. That’s why, after the hair removal, he filled the brows in using a specialty brow powder he sells in-house. I didn’t buy any this time around because I was just so dazed and relaxed from the experience, but my next time around I’m definitely investing.

The Final Product


I could not be more pleased! I’ve already scheduled my “maintenance” appointment for a month from now; as my brows continue to fill in, I’ll continue to post progress.

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