Challenge Accepted!

I know you all were just on the edge of your seats for this announcement but I’m happy to announce that the wait is over!

TeamPCA is issuing our very first style challenge! Got To Give It Up  is the chance to let go of a style crutch that you’ve been holding on to.  For the month of February Nora and I are going to say adios to one of our go to styles in efforts to push our limits, break out of the comfort zone and maybe replace an old habit with something new.  Starting February 1, we will reveal our style safety blankets. If you would like, we would LOVE for you to join us! How can you participate? Easy! Just three simple steps –

  1. Pick your style that needs to be given up. This can be anything. Do you only wear pants? Switch up to dresses! Always wear a cardigan? Try a blazer! Do you hide behind your fear of heels in a pair of ballet flats? If your commute and life will allow it, rock those heels! Got To Give It Up is your chance to try something new!
  2. Let TeamPCA know what you’re giving up. We’re sharing with you, so share with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@lulupark and @playlistress). Tag us and use #g2git so we can cheer you on over the next 28 days.
  3. Bring a friend!

and just like that….


We can’t wait to see what the #PetiteCrew comes up with. To get you started, dance along to this as you comb your closet to see what’s got to go.

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