#OutfitSelfie 1.30.14

Due to random snow days and crazy cold weather, my week of outfits has been rather uninspired. Literally nothing to write home about. Today though is brought to you by the color Green. My partner in crime is rocking this jewel tone today in a killer collarless blazer, and I’m walking proud in some new green skinnies.

photo (1)

Oxford: Gap [similar] | Sweater: Gap [similar] | Denim: Old Navy| Boots: Cole Haan

Most of the items in this outfit are on end of season sale. So if you’ve been eyeing the Adler Riding Boots, go ahead ,  open a new tab and snatch you a pair.

This pair of denim is a part of my Einstein shopping. I have this style (Sweetheart Skinny – curvy cut!) in a couple of different colors. The only downfall is that they don’t carry the petites in the store near me, so I just hem them. Unfortunately since 2/3s of the pant is covered by boot, you don’t get the full green in all it’s emerald glory. Since it was 8 degrees when I was getting ready for work, ballet flats weren’t a good idea.  I can’t wait to wear these this spring!

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