Who is the #PetiteCrew?



Nora and I started Petite Curves Ahead to share things that we love, trials and tribulations with pants, and most importantly, to show that petite doesn’t have to be synonymous with size 0. We know you’re out there and we want to make PCA a place not only where we share but where you can share, ask questions, and build our sisterhood of petite pants.

How does one join the #PetiteCrew? Well it’s pretty easy! If you have an #OutfitSelfie you want to share, tag it with #PetiteCrew! That way we can find you, you can find us, and friends can make new friends.

Another reason we are rolling out the #PetiteCrew is because we want this to be your community – find #PetiteCrew in your town; go shopping with fellow petites.  We want this to be something you are a part of because without you, we’re just two ladies writing for our own amusement. So use the hashtag far and wide!

In a few days Nora and I will announce a month-long challenge and we hope the #PetiteCrew will join in on the fun. Keep your eyes open for other ways we will be adding to the community.  As always, let us know what you are looking for from Team PCA and we will do our very best to bring it!

Here’s to you, #PetiteCrew!

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