Hair Update: January 2014

I mentioned a while back that I was growing out my pixie cut. My stylist (the incomparable Kendell Dorsey at Parlour Salon – tell him I sent you!) and I are working hard to make sure I don’t have the awkward-in-between-mullet, and I decided I’d document the progress for you so you can see how it’s done!

For reference, here’s where I started, in August 2013 (I didn’t decide to grow out my hair until November, but it was still this length/style when that decision was made):

August 2013

Aside from #outfitselfie photos, I don’t have any documentation of the time between then and now, but I’ll tell you what we’ve been doing. For now, we’re focusing on letting the top grow and keeping the sides and back clean. I am keeping the look soft and feminine, and we’re almost to the point where I have the swoopy-bangs look. Here’s a photo taken last night, after my most recent cut:

photo (19)
January 2014

The fringe is a bit longer, but the sides and back are still tight. Kendall cut a tiny bit beneath the bangs to let them lie a bit more comfortably on my forehead, but not so much that it impedes the length. While there’s a part of me that gets frustrated every time any length is taken off, I know patience is the key here, as that’s the way we’ll keep it looking nice at each stage of the process. My next appointment is in early March, and by then I expect we’ll have a full swoop.

I’ll be reporting back after every haircut with my progress!

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