Know Your Face: Eye Creams

Welcome to the second installment of Know Your Face!  Today’s focus: eye creams. Eye creams never crossed my radar (until recently) because they seemed like something only Old Ladies use for their crow’s feet, etc. I’m young and vibrant! I don’t have crow’s feet. Yet. And the best way to prevent them from showing up down the road? Eye cream.

I have two eye creams in regular rotation: one for day and one for night. You really don’t need more than that.

Daytime Eye Cream: Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

clq_7JHT_250Since I’m not yet on the eye-wrinkles train, my daytime concern is pretty simple: I’ve got dark circles. Between my olive skin and the fact that I don’t sleep enough (find me a 30-year-old who does, and I’ll be quite impressed) I generally could carry groceries home in the bags beneath my eyes. This product contains a trio of brightening agents that make me look like I’ve slept a full eight hours every night since childhood. Titanium dioxide brightens the skin, mica adds a sheen to reflect light, and iron oxide provides a flesh-toned (to me) hue that makes concealer mostly unnecessary. This product also contains caffeine, which stimulates (therefore brightening) the skin, and the metal-tip applicator is cool to the touch, which feels ah-mazing first thing in the morning. After putting this on I don’t need more than a touch of highlighter in the inside corner of my eyes to look like a real human being.

Nighttime Eye Cream: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye

WE7201_410x410This stuff is The Business. I mentioned in my serums post that I use ANR for my face, and that it is a miracle worker; well, the eye cream is no different. Hyaluronic acid galore to prevent those crow’s feet, caffeine for the aforementioned stimulating effect, chamomile to soothe, and rapid absorption. My favorite part is that it’s more of a balm, which is great on my otherwise-quite-oily skin. I’ll tap this around my browbone before bed and wake up looking refreshed. Bam. Freaking glorious. It’s fairly heavy, though, so I’d recommend it only when you need intense hydration (great for night, and I’ve also had success using it while flying).

If you’re going to buy this (and I recommend you do), I’d hold out for some kind of promotional deal or gift pack, because it can always be bought less than counter price.

How to use: Eye creams should be applied with your ring finger, which is the weakest finger. The skin around your eye is more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face, so it’s important to apply lightly, which means the ring finger is your best bet. If it has an applicator (like the Clinique) that’s preferable. Eye creams can be applied atop the orbital bone and underneath the eye, but generally the eyelid can/should be avoided and, obviously, try not to get it IN your eyes.

Also, be prepared for eye creams to be expensive. Most quality skincare tends to be expensive, but eye creams are exponentially so. It’s so consistent that I’ve gotten used to it, but I occasionally have to remind myself how much product is crammed into a tiny amount to feel better about it. You just have to get used to it.

Eye creams I’ve tried and *almost* love include: Origins GinZing (too sparkly), Ole Henriksen Total Truth (too heavy), Clarins Sunscreen for Eyes (no longer in production; it was great as a sunscreen but that’s all it did, and I wanted more, damn it!), Fresh Black Tea (too heavy), Korres Wild Rose (great for no-makeup days, but it didn’t blend well with my makeup). Everyone’s face is different, so perhaps those will work better for you than for me. Anyone have any recommendations?

Next week on Know Your Face: moisturizers!

7 thoughts on “Know Your Face: Eye Creams

  1. Have you tried Ole Henricksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel? Since it’s a gel it should be lighter than the Total Truth. Although I don’t think it has SPF if that was something you needed. I just got a small container of it in a Sephora gift set. Just started to use it now but haven’t formed opinions. Definitely need something for the heavy crows feet that are starting to form (and get magnified every time I put eyeshadow in my crease).

    1. I have indeed! It’s a great, lightweight product, but I am just not crazy about the purely-gel formulation in the morning; I feel like it’s harder to put on my eye makeup over a gel. That said, it’s a great product, especially if you put it in the fridge – it REALLY wakes you up that way!

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